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Shower seat
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Our shower seat is constructed from heavy wall  aluminium tube, and has a slatted alumium top.
When not in use, it folds flat against the wall. 

When in use, it is folded down, and a support leg folds out automatically. 
This leg is what takes the weight of the person, and ensures that there is NO pull-out force on the wall anchors. 
This is very important, and is just one of the safety features that sets our product ahead of the rest. 
shower seat down shower seat up

All fasteners and hinges are high grade stainless steel.
Design weight is 120 kg.
The tig-welded construction is finished with a baked epoxy.

Clients include Medi-Clinic and Communicare, as well as many other hospitals and retirement complexes.

Dimensions are: 400 mm wide
                                     330 mm out from wall
                          520 mm high

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